Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fan Favorite

So with college graduation taken care of and my walk down the aisle impending I have really come to appreciate my number one fan in life, Mama Bird. She is just a sweet, amazing woman... And guess what? I'm her fan favorite!

It's hard to find someone more supportive, more fun, more silly, more helpful, more encouraging, more honest, and more joyful than my dear Mama Bird. She has been my biggest fan from the moment we met (almost 22 whole years ago!) and still continues to be the first person to cheer me on... even when I'm ready to give up!

I know she's not in this picture... But guess who took it?
And who sat there the whole time I was in my two and a half hour surgery...
And who took care of me for the world's LONGEST week that followed!
I'm sure it hasn't always been easy to be my mom or fun to deal with the hormones, broken bones, and hard to handle behavior... But she manages to keep a smile on her and push me to grow! 

Not only do we do everything together... But we also love to dress the same (just for holiday spiritedness like Fourth of July!) and we have a ton of clothes that are the exact same... Though we try to wear them at different times. :) 

My love for cooking comes from her and the countless meals she made in her beautiful kitchen as I was growing up. Now we have the joy of cooking the same meals one night a week and comparing as well as sharing what's a hit with our boys... or what's not! 

And... finally, much to her delight, I am a girly girl. Being a major tomboy growing up was something I truly loved and enjoyed, but now that I'm all about pink, flowers, and ruffles she just can't contain her excitement (and it turns out neither can I!). 

What a lucky gal I am! I can't wait for her and Popsicle to walk me down the aisle... And to be neighbors for life! Thanks Mama Bird... and I love you. 

Who's your biggest fan? And who is your fan favorite? 
Share, not only with me this week, but with them too! 


Alysa said... Best Blogger Tips

What a sweet post! I feel blessed to have so many fans in my life. My parents, my sister, my husband. All cheering me on!

Amber said... Best Blogger Tips

That is so sweet! What a great post.. what happened to you in the pic of you and J? If you don't mind my asking, of course!