Thursday, March 3, 2011

Daily Confession: I Got an Award!

Well, I am so proud to share with all of you that I received my FIRST blogging award EVER! I can't tell you how complimented I feel and what a lucky little lady I am to have received this honor from a sweet southern blogger I truly admire! Meet the oh-so-special Amber (what a great name too!) at her blog, Brunch with Amber... Prepare yourself for her amazing honesty, witty writing, and super stylish self!

Me, stylish? Woot woot!
Being this stylish really isn't easy... But here are four rules to make your style shine! 
1. Link back and thank the person that gave you the award. 
2. Share 7 things about yourself. 
3. Award 5 recently discovered blogs. 
4. Contact them and tell them about their sweet style! 

Seven Stylish Things About me: 
1. I have a scarf collection. It's ridiculous and it's color coordinated. They are just such a perfect addition to ANY outfit ANY time of year!
Yep! The rest of my apartment is this ridiculously organized. 
2. I love Target. They have everything I need in one place! Being on a budget doesn't hinder my style, because Target is so good at making cute, but so affordable clothes and accessories and shoes. (Guilty admission: I bought three pairs of flats from Target last weekend!)
Aren't they fun? And so affordable!
3. I am a major bookworm. I've always loved to read... And still do! (And in about a week I won't have any assigned reading left to get in the way of all the fun books I have waiting around!) 
These are all the books I have collected over the last couple of years
and the anticipation to read them all is just killing me!
4. I sew. Not clothes, just quilts and other fun household things. I don't really love the whole strict pattern thing... So I just sew freehand for fun. 
I made this blanket that J and I wrapped up in for our engagement pictures!
5. Being in a sorority has taught me to love over-the-top costumes and dress up. J and I have been absurd in our outfits! I always make some part of our outfits, if not the whole thing...
Thing 1 and Thing 2... With Taylor Swift and Kanye West!
Juno and Bleeker. And that belly is handmade because I'm not having a baby any time soon!
And you've got a friend in us... Jessie and Woody.
I homemade our outfits... or home-embellished them!
6. I second guess so many of my decisions. The only one I haven't ever thought twice about... Marrying my oh-so-sweet J.
The night, just minutes, after he proposed!
7. I have two tattoos. Both on my feet. Both scripture.

Now that I'm done talking about myself... 
Meet MY new favorite bloggers!

Check these ladies out... They're all sweet, hilarious, creative, and so stylish! 


Caitlin said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the juno costumes!!! good idea... I might have to steal that next october, if you don't mind :)

Fran said... Best Blogger Tips

Congrats on your award! I am in love with your scarf collection and I'm insanely jealous you got the sparkly flats. I saw then, restrained myself, went back a week later and they no longer had my size :(

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

ummmm the scarf collection!?!??! WANT!!!!

we always do crazy halloween costumes, too! sometimes borderline inappropriate, but always hilarious :)

Cailin said... Best Blogger Tips

Congratulations on your award and thank you so much for mine! I will be posting about this on Monday and look for a shout out on todays post!
You are the best!! xo

meghan said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you so much for my award! I'm so excited! I was in a sorority too and definitely learned how to dress cute, classy, tacky, and awkward because of it. That'll be nice to be able to dive into that stack of reading! It all looks like so much fun!

Jamie said... Best Blogger Tips

You and your hubby are SO cute!

I love scarves, Target, and reading too :)

Amber said... Best Blogger Tips

You make me so happy! You're such a doll, and I'm so glad you found my blog so that I could find yours! :)

I am highly impressed by that scarf collection, let's share! :)

You got some great picks from Target.. it's so hard to stay away from the shoe collection there. They have so many cute pairs to choose from.

That pic of you and your fiance' is so cute of you guys all wrapped up in the blanket you had sewn yourself, and it's so sentimental, LOVE it!

I'll definitely go check out the 1st 4 blogs you listed. Meghan (little girl in the big world) is like my blog bestie, ha! So of course I already follow her!