Simply Sweet Goals

  • Take Jason to a Chargers game and out cheer him (quite a task if you've ever watched a game with him)
  • Run a marathon
  • Visit all 50 of the states
  • Go to New York Times Square for New Year's Eve
  • Blog professionally (Yep, do what I love and get paid for it!)
  • Be a mommy to many happy baby Thomases
  • Speak publicly about my amazing God-given testimony
  • Write a book
  • Kiss in the pouring rain (Notebook?, yep!)
  • Make ridiculously adorable Halloween costumes for my kids
  • Host over the top parties for family and friends
  • Find a dinner party group to host monthly adult dinners with
  • DIY decorate my home
  • Learn how to design graphics with Photoshop (sub-goal: get photoshop!)
  • Write a recipe book
  • Get Food Network's attention
  • Win a prize of some give away (Just to prove to myself I'm lucky!)
  • Have a lovely little garden where I can grow fresh herbs and fruits and veggies
  • Make Faux Chenille Blanket for J and I's couch 
  • Make my own ruffly scarf 
  • Paint Bible Verses on one wall in every room in my house
  • Create an art piece to hang on the wall above J and I's bed 
  • Paint a Triptych 
  • Paint a mural on someone else's wall to make their home more personal
  • Homemade Marshmallows
  • Sweet Cinnamon Bread
  • Make up two of my own cupcake recipes
  • Get good at frosting cakes and cupcakes
  • Make delicious whoopie pies
  • Learn to make and work with fondant
  • Master the art of cake-pops
  • Crispy Fried Okra (yum!)
  • Cook five of Julia Childs' recipes (not sure which five yet)
2011 Specific
  • Move my blogs into a single website and design it myself! (Good thing it's early in the year!) Done! That's what this little wonder is! 
  • Run all four half marathons in under 2 hours.
  • Get married to the love of my life (my best friend!).
  • Get a job (like real adult job) Yipee!! I am graduated and employed! 


a midwestern belle said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this goal list! Super cute blog too! :)

The Gourmetour said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm so glad I found your blog, we have so much in common!