1000 Gifts

I started reading this amazing little novel by Ann Voscamp at the recommendation of my Mama Bird (she's amazing, check her out here) and have decided to start my list of 1000 gifts I receive from Him daily. Gifts that appear to be everyday moments, but, in fact, are delivered from Him to me so sweetly.

1. Blogging over and over in a single day
2. Sore muscles that promise a reward for my hard work.
3. Country music to sing the words of my small town soul.
4. A fluorescent visor to shade my eyes from the San Diego sun.
5. Late night wakefulness that isn't full of worry.
6. Texts all day with Mama Bird reminding me of the loving nest I am flying from so slowly.
7. Packages full of returned items shipped at no charge.
8. Clear thoughts while I run along the boardwalk along the California coast.
9. A clean kitchen floor shiny with soapiness.
10. Photos fall of love and joy hanging on my walls.
11. Tired arms after lifting weights.
12. Wedding tasks marked off the ever growing to do list.
13. A night of soft sleep in my snuggly bed.
14. Meeting amazing women through Twitter.
15. Weekends at home being filled with the joy of family.
16. Thinking of living in the 92592 in my own little home.
17. Belly laughs.
18. A crackling fire to warm my cold hands.
19. The clean, cozy feeling after a warm shower.
20. Wrestling with Baby Bear to sprinkle him with kisses.
21. Sharing a two taco plate with Popsicle for lunch and listening to his ridiculous antics.
22. Helpful employees at small town stores.
23. J's hugs to remind me of his love.
24. Falling asleep on the couch while the boys watch TV.
25. J tucking me into my cozy bed while he goes to sleep on the couch.
26. Family dinners full of noise and commotion.
27. Farmer's Market fresh produce.
28. Kitchen adventures as a family with LOTS of accidents and laughs.
29. Registering with Mama Bird's help and advice.
30. Recycle runs full of laughs
31. A message that touches the hearts of my family and mine too.
32. J's belly laughs at my jokes.
33. A wedding planner to ask all the right questions.
34. Renewal in the morning.
35. A full fridge after a shopping trip.
36. An empty laundry basket and full closet.
37. Blogging comment love that reinforces my efforts.
38. A temp agency working just as hard to find me a job as I am.
39. Lunch with my dearest sister.
40. Smoothies of fresh, fresh fruit.
41. Sorority sisters that tell you they care.
42. Honesty in all things.
43. A conversation that is a pat on the back from the God I love.
44. Sharing the food I cook with others who enjoy it.
45. Watching freshly recorded TV.
46. Blog comments that are encouraging and sweet.
47. Legs that rise to the challenges I set out to conquer.
48. Hugs warm with love and caring.
49. A job to keep me busy after graduation.
50. Parents investing in me year after year.
51. Sore mornings after hard workouts.
52. Being absurd and knowing J's love for me only grows.
53. Leftovers for lunch.
54. Classes canceled.
55. Feeling better about myself with each given workout.
56. A "pristine" presentation to finish off a senior seminar.
57. Writers with sweet words to encourage my stubborn heart.
58. A burning to candle to fill my apartment with its warm scent.
59. Sound traffic outside my window all night long.
60. The giggles of sisters on the side of a soccer field.
61. A Mama Bird to help with the wedding registry.
62. Morning texts full of love from my dear J.
63. An organized wedding folder.
64. Appointments for flowers and cake I just have to show up for.
65. Homemade quilts made with tender love and care.
66. UGG boots to keep cold feet so warm.
67. Awesome aunts to help pull the wedding of my dreams together.
68. A man engaged in the lessons and challenges posed to us at church.
69. Strengths.
70. My final finals week.
71. Rain to clear the air and cleanse the earth.
72. Showering only to decide to run despite the weather.
73. Giggling side by side with my dear J.
74. Registering for things J and I will share for the rest of our lives.
75. Sweet babies smiling in church.
76. Blogging buddies that make support and encourage me.
77. Dry shampoo for no-wash hair days.
78. Boots to squish bugs with.
79. Wedding consultation appointments with Mama Bird.
80. Cotton, fresh picked, and unbleached.
81. J opening doors for me.
82. Reading through the gospel of John.
83. Underlines and highlights in the pages of my Bible.
84. Nearing the end of a great book and knowing another follows.
85. A new book club with sweet women who I can't wait to grow with.
86. A class well done and just one more left.
87. A job.
88. Sharing in strengths and a strong mission with my one and only, J.
89. Whole Foods lunch with a listening friend.
90. Cleaning out my closet and feeling free from the cluttering clothes.
91. Celebratory cupcakes for so many reasons.
92. Thankful friends.
93. A sweet best friend who shows me what it means to be loyal and true.
94. Pho with J to warm my cold feet and limbs.
95. A car that runs well.
96. Sweet music full of encouraging words.
97. Parents that will always have a place for me to call home.
98. Safety.
99. Fresh air to fill my starving lungs.
100. A man that wants so desperately take care of me, despite my longing for independence.
101. A knee that doesn't hurt quite so much.
102. Determination, a refusal to give up.
103. Sweet biblical words to encourage my oh-so-human heart.
104. Mercies new every morning, every morning.
105. Dinner at home with close friends.
106. Married couples to come alongside.
107. Fights without hurtful words.
108. No pimples. (I know it sounds lame, but I struggle so much with oily skin)
109. Bubba.
110. Fresh rain in the morning.
111. Weekends at home with my family.
112. Annoying dogs who are somehow precious.
113. Date nights with J.
114. Tasty sweet cupcakes.
115. The smell of J's cologne.
116. A God who makes Himself present and known.
117. A renewed excitement and determination.
118. Loyalty.
119. The perfect blend of sweet and savory morning coffee.
120. Fresh sheets on my bed.
121. A humble father.
122. Steady traffic outside my window.
123. A ponytail for awkward length hair.
124. Clear skin, despite stress.
125. One chapter ending for another to begin.
126. Baby Bear calling me Old Lady.
127. A chorus of laughter.
128. Baby Bear's owl eyes.
129. A reminder of an answered prayer.
130. A thankful man by my side.
131. Many Happy Birthdays.
132. Birthday cake.
133. A clean kitchen.
134. A completed to do list.
135. Stillness in the middle of the night.
136. Relating to other women I don't even know.
137. Pennies in the parking lot.
138. A good book to fill empty moments.
139. The sun's warmth on my skin.
140. Communion for my heart, not just my mind.
141. Prayers before dinner, simple, yet heartfelt.
142. Taking part in Lecto Divina.
143. Cleaning and organizing.
144. Keeping Wednesdays as "me" days.
145. Working diligently without anyone staring over my shoulder. 
146. Being trusted. 
147. A new home.
148. Listening to J and dad play tennis so competitively.
149. Runs before it's hot as blazes. 
150. A first day of school for Mama Bird. 


Alysa said... Best Blogger Tips

Awesome! I am reading it right now and have a list going in my journal :)