Thursday, September 30, 2010

(girl) scout's honor

i am back after much too long a break again. life gets so stinking busy especially with school started back up and sorority stuff turning into my entire life! it's so shocking to me how quickly days go by and how bad i am at getting around to posting.... especially when i truly mean to try. (maybe the thought isn't everything!)

but, here is some news for you all! i'm starting my last full quarter of college and it's going to be a real doozy... i mean a real doozy. but i'm up for it and must rise to the challenge.

dearest God of mine,
please grant me strength and determination in this time of great work.
a humble and needy child named am

thank goodness He promises to give us strength in phillipians 4:13:
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
oh, and how He must be so strong for me in all of the weakness that i show.

in this time of trials and amazing work loads i promise to be faithful in my posts, though they may end up being shorter. i must remember, it's not quality, it's quantity. (yep, it's cliche, but i'm trying to make myself feel better).

i will be back, sooner and not later.
scout's honor.

(yep, this is a late night make-up free shot for you all... i really want to be more personable to you all!)

song of the day:
this i promise you
by: n*sync

yep, taking it old school! it's a little romantic for my intent, but what elementary school girl didn't love n*sync during the nineties?? i know i had what i believe was an undying devotion...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

just a few of my favorite things

i love to read blogs where other people put things that bring them joy in the world. and i do believe (especially during difficult times) it is the little things that count. so, here is a list of some of my favorite little things:

1. starbucks refresh tea: it's minty flavor is all kinds of goodness. i love it because it is soothing for at night time, but refreshing for a gloomy morning!

2. a good book is like a great friend. i am in love with many characters from books i have read and often try to think of people i know who could function in my life the same way the characters have in the book. (my favorite character right now is sadie from sophie kinsella's twenties girl).

3. running: nothing clears my mind and body like a good run. and living so close to the ocean and downtown la jolla equals beautiful scenery regardless of the direction i run.

4. chimes ginger chews: this brand makes the most delicious candy! and it's still "healthy" (at least that's what i tell myself!). my favorite are the mango ginger chews that look much like the container above... but this one is peanut butter (a flavor i haven't seen before!)

5. mama bird's sun tea: nope mama bird is not a brand. my mom makes the most delicious sun tea during the sunshiney summer months. sun tea is one of the things i miss most about being home all summer long... and i tried to make the same recipe down here, but something is so much more delicious about mama's.

6. taylor swift greeting cards: i mean look how precious they are! all of the ones i've seen have glitter and they are so precious. they're my favorite to pick out (though i tend to just buy all of the ones in sight) and send home to my mom... (she appreciates them so much more than my dear boyfriend, father, and brother - maybe it's the glitter?).

well, i hope you have favorites that make tough times a little bit easier.

song of the day:
beautiful every time
by: lee brice

i guess amazing will always be amazing
like a church choir singing, a nation healing
a soldier coming home alive,
the love for me girl i see in your eyes
that's beautiful, beautiful every time, ohhhhh every time

he gets the whole favorites thing for sure. find some things that are beautiful every time.

Friday, September 17, 2010

bubba, we miss you!

big changes in the minegar house this past week… my little brother is off to college and my parents are left with another empty bedroom (at least for most of the time!). what an exciting time for him... but a sad time with him being further from home than ever before. (yep, he’s a brave soul that ventured further out into the world than i ever dreamed of doing at his age!)

with move-in upon my parents and bubba, i had the honor of spending two days being adventurous with my adventurous seven-year-old brother, miah. he is just such a sweet boy with quite the personality and sense of humor.

we went fishing at the local lake… and though we did not catch anything but some weeds growing on the bottom of the water, we had so much fun being attacked by ants, finding a good fishing spot that was shaded, and going through jason’s collection of bait in his tackle box.

and, on top of all that, my favorite (all be it new and not the original) rainbows joined for the adventure!

song of the day:
by: little big town

"you get a line, i'll get a pole, we'll go fishing in the crawfish hole down in the boondocks"

Thursday, September 9, 2010

lint is a shell's best friend

"my one regret in life is that i will never have a dog. but sometimes i tie a hair to a piece of lint and i drag it around.” – marcell the shell with shoes on

oh, how i hope you watched my dear little buddy marcell the shell with shoes on (if not scroll down and catch up on your reading!). i truly admire so many things about the precious little shell with shoes on that marcell is, but most of all, i love the attitude that his little body possesses. what i would do to be able to contain that much of a personality in every square inch of my body.

after watching the video probably near 50 times, i have realized i love it so much because i can learn from marcell… hopefully you can too!

marcell makes the best of his small shell situation throughout the video, but when he talks about regretting to not be able to have a dog my heart just feels so sad. then he goes on to be absolutely adorable by improvising with hair and a lint ball. oh my gosh, if i could improvise like that my life would be full of so much more joy and a lot less time spent dwelling on what i’m lacking.

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. –proverbs 17:22

i think God would smile down on me if i channeled my energy in the same way marcell does. rather than sit around throwing a pity party for myself, i should find some lint, tie it to a hair, and love my little “fluffy” named allen. so, yes God, i will try my hardest to be more like marcel and less like amber.

A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit. - proverbs 15:13

and, as marcell goes on to describe his little allen,

“well, you know what they say… lint is a shell’s best friend”

… maybe a dog is not the only best friend a person has. what can you improvise this week? maybe at work, maybe at home, or maybe just for fun… best of luck to all with their improvisations.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

sincerest of apologies

dear all who read synchronicite,

here is my official apology for being absent for so long. i am sooooo incredibly sorry for being a slacker. i just returned from the vacation in idaho and have been enjoying my time away from responsibility way too much!

please, pretty please accept my lack of motivation and forgive me for being a slacker. i promise to make it up to you!


p.s. take this little video as a token of my appreciation for your commitment to reading my blog. it will not disappoint! (and if you’re anything like my family you will be repeating the lines all the time)

p.p.s. this is apology is also my official statement that i am going to try to blog twice a week rather than just once. i am going to challenge myself to realize that even the mundane can be influential!

song of the day:

by: luke bryan

hopefully it's not too late for me to apologize... but, once again, i am sorry!