Thursday, March 3, 2011

What to do With Leftover Tabouli?

Just a few nights ago I made quinoa tabouli for J and I's dinner, but we had lots of leftovers (which was my intention because I just love tabouli!). I didn't want to just eat the tabouli... Though it's completely perfect that way, so I made it my mission to add some protein to the tabouli without losing the flavor of the tabouli!
I took deli sliced chicken breast and made stuffed chicken blankets! It's simple, just fill the deli slice with tabouli and wrap up like a little pig in a blanket and BOOM, you've got yourself a delicious little roll up. 



KY said... Best Blogger Tips

How creative!! I too LOVE tabouli and always always always seem to cook too much. Thanks for passing this along =)

Amber said... Best Blogger Tips

oh yum, sounds like a good lunch to me! :) you've got an award waiting for you at my blog! xoxo