Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday's Simply Sweet Space

Over the last year and a half I have lived in a simply sweet studio apartment where I have had the opportunity to decorate, cook, invent, and create... I have decided to do a little blogging mini-series, Saturday's Simply Sweet Space. This week it will feature ten things I simply sweet about my kitchen! 

1. My soap. 
Hand and dish because I love it so. 
J.R. Watkins Lemon scented soap.
Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it smells wondrous and makes things shiny and clean!

2. My cock olive oil canister.
I started this ridiculous joke with my mom when she bought me this giant Hershey's kiss shaped rooster. 
I called it The Cock and it looks over my kitchen a top my fridge. 
Well, we couldn't stop with just one. 
I have gifted her many and she has gifted me some in return. 
We both have this little cocky number and it makes me happy to oil anything up! 

3. My cookbooks. 
Aren't these just school binders? 
Yep, they are. 
But you know what, they hold all my recipes. 
I love that about them. 
And the pink floral and green go so well with my whole apartment's colors. 

4. My pink apron. 
A dear friend gave me this. 
I love it. 
The pink, the little ball things, the pattern, the pockets. 
It's amazing. 
And makes cooking more fun! 

5. My tea mug. 
My gramcracker had one just like this and now my mom has it. 
I'm a copy cat. 
It was cheap, it's simple, but I love it. 
And the tea inside, yum pure delish! 

6. My knife set. 
Well, technically J's. 
I am marrying a man of utility... What does that matter?
You see, this knife set was what J asked for for Christmas. 
It's in my kitchen. 

7. This is a lamp burger. 
(It looks like burger but has a funny French accent thing that sounds like brojae)
Not only is it pink and antique looking... 
But it has an oil wick inside and when you light the stone on fire 
it emits the most wondrous smells! 

8. Fresh cotton in Mama Bird's vase with my journal. 
I leave this sitting on my counter to remind me of the months to come. 
J and I are having a very unique wedding. 
Cotton, unbleached, seeds in tact, sitting in the boll is going to be our "flower". 
Isn't it pretty?
You should feel it. 
And the quote on my journal is fabulous: 
"Just when the caterpillar thought life was over, it became a butterfly." 

9. Pictures! 
I love pictures of the ones I love. 
I keep them all over my apartment... Even in my kitchen! 
They aren't all lined up like this, but you get the point! 
(Please excuse the counter covered in papers... It is finals season)

10. My pretty pink princess Kitchenaid mixer.
Santa brought me this. 
What a sweet man he is! 
He must realize that Mrs. Klaus can only make great cookies 
and cakes and muffins and bread with the help of this little machine. 

What's your simply sweet space? 
And what makes it so simply sweet?
Please share! 


Amber said... Best Blogger Tips

I am so jealous of your mixer.. I've always wanted one of those, but a red one :) So cute.. loved the tour of your kitchen. It's so homey, and so you!!

The Doctor's Closet said... Best Blogger Tips

omg i love your pink mixer!!