Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh, University, How You Have Taught Me

Yesterday Mama Bird and I met with our wedding planner and worked on more wedding things. We now officially have a cake (yay!) and are busy working out all the details of the flowers (oh my, and there are so many). What progress we have made! Tomorrow marks 6 months until J and I are meeting at the end of the aisle in my parents' front yard. Whoa.

Today is big too. I have my last "academic" college class. (I have one more tomorrow but it's a potluck!) I turn in one of my final projects today... And then have a paper to write tomorrow and Friday. Then I will be a college graduate!

Four years ago I didn't have even the slightest of ideas about what college would hold. Three years and six months later (I am graduating early!) my life is amazing and so far beyond where I ever expected it to be.
Me, just three and a half years ago, with three of my closest friends from the dorm.
My accomplishments for the past four years astound me. I have done so much more than school. 
And have grown exponentially (outside of the academics). 

1. I was brave enough to join a sorority although I was sure that I would never be able to fit in. 
(and I made some of the best friends I have ever had)

2. I made the best friend I've ever had. 
She is amazing... A genius, a comic, a listener, an advice giver, a kitchen lover, my little sis, 
AND my maid of honor!

3. I learned how to be confident in my convictions, even in the face of a multiple Ph.D. professor who wouldn't stop heckling me. 

4. I met the man that I'm going to spend the rest of my life with. 

5. I learned to live on my own and make a cozy, one room home for myself. 

6. I've learned to love the kitchen and everything I can make, create, and invent there. 

7. I endured a serious depression, but picked myself up by the bootstraps while learning to find the little light and joys inside of me.

8. I learned (through all the sickness and heart ache) that my Popsicle is the most amazing man to walk this planet... And that my Mama Bird is a rock of a woman that pulls our family together. 

9. I've learned how to gain weight and how to lose it. 

10. I've learned running makes me who I am. I love the rush of finishing a long run and the escape I get in jogging along the streets of any city I visit. 

With all that I've learned here at UCSD, I am now on to a career where I will learn more about myself professionally... And to marriage, a journey that will teach me bunches about J and I!


Megan said... Best Blogger Tips

Such a beautiful and true post. College is such an amazing experience. I'm so glad that it was positive for you!

gwynne said... Best Blogger Tips

You certainly have much wisdom for such a young person...and I don't think you learned it all at college! God blessed you with brains and beauty inside and out:) Bravo to you!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my I love you so much you don't even know :) You are literally the best Amb :)

<3 little

Lindsay said... Best Blogger Tips

LOVED this post. you are amazing :)