Sunday, March 6, 2011

Daily Confession: The Lesson I Learned From My Sweet Pearl Bracelet

For my eighteenth birthday, my Mama Bird and Popsicle got me a Tiffany's pearl bracelet. I just love pearls and I think my Mama Bird was so happy I was finally interested in jewelry (I was a MAJOR tomboy growing up). So, for my eighteenth I opened a beautiful bracelet that has been cherished ever since. 

The catch, real pearls can only be strung on cotton thread. Yep, metal is abrasive and hurts the pearls rubbing them raw... So cotton holds the little beads close to one another. However, they can't be too close, so little knots are tied between each of the beads to keep them from rubbing one another and breaking. What gentle little stones, right? But, I love them. 

Well, my rough and tumble self kept breaking the bracelet. The cotton would get wet while washing my hands and break apart. The metal toggle would get caught in a box I was moving and tear off. Oh, my poor pearl bracelet. After the first three repairs the woman at Tiffany's sternly pointed out to me that my pearl bracelet "is not everyday wear". Now, every time I put that bracelet on, I think of a reason why today is not everyday (spelled as if it's another day in the week where bracelets aren't invited), but is, in fact, special and worthy of my dear pearl bracelet. 

I have worn the bracelet every day this past week in celebration of the not-so-everyday days. And I plan to wear it everyday from now until it breaks again and I must have it restrung. But my lesson is learned. There is no such day as everyday unless you let there be. So find your reason. Why isn't today everyday? 

My reasons: 
1. J and I listened to an amazing speaker at church today who made us laugh while teaching a poignant lesson about God's grace and mercy. 
2. J and I grocery shopped (we don't do this every day). 
3. It's a lazy day with a little bit of fancy attached round my wrist. 

What's special about your today? About your not-so-everyday? 


Amber said... Best Blogger Tips

That is a great way to look at it. Why should she tell you that you can't wear it everyday?! We're suppose to live each day as if it's our last! No reason to save our special jewelry for special occasions.. wear it everyday, and show it off because it's special and meaningful to YOU! xoxo

chris aka mama bird said... Best Blogger Tips

what does tiffany know anyway...everyday is not-so-everyday! loves and see you tomorrow my sweet chickie.