Sunday, January 23, 2011

the wishes of my little heart

i have been running more lately and when i run more i also have more time to think about life. this week i had a huge epiphany... i think God was so proud of my genius moment because it's like a high beam lightbulb went off above my head!

for those who don't know who this precious man is... he is my dear fiance jason. (isn't he handsome!?!) jason is the fulfillment of my lifelong dream to get married. there were three conditions to my getting married that were a part of my major dream:

(1) i wanted to get married young and right out of college,

(2) i wanted to marry a strong Christian man who could lead our home,

(3) i wanted my family to love mr. right just as much as me.

well... we are getting married just six short months after i graduate with my bachelors. #1: check.
jason always wants to be at church, even when i'm tired, lazy, and really wishing we could just take a week off! #2: check.
and these photos should take care of number three...

well, not only do they love him, but they love to be silly with him. and #3: check!

you must be wondering what i'm getting at with all this talk though.... well, God put in my little heart the desire to marry a Christian man who fit in perfectly with my family at a young age (at least according to lots of critical people!). boom God's got it covered. why? because as the bible says:
"May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed." - Psalm 20:4

this is also echoed in:
"Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart." -Psalm 37:4

now, as i thought before this great revelation, these verses aren't being used to say be a good Christian and you'll get what you want... nope, i think it's like this, be a good Christian, and God will have the opportunity to put desires in your heart that glorify Him. in giving you these desires He can then fulfill them in order to create your life into a life of great glory for Him.

does that make sense? here's a spark note version for you:

  1. you delight yourself in pursuing God.

  2. He realizes your need to glorify Him in all you do.

  3. He puts in your heart great desires.

  4. Through fulfillment of your desires God multiples your opportunity for glorifying Him.

amen! so, delight in Him and in the desires He has placed in your heart. listen to those desires and act on them. He wants to make your life one of glory and greatness for Him.

song of the day: glorious
by: Paul Baloche


Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

Where's the tissue box?!?!!? Really now, I gotta go to bed and ya got me all emotional, lol!

amberminegar said... Best Blogger Tips

oh noooo! hopefully you could find a little tissue to solve your crying issue! :)