Wednesday, January 12, 2011

my cooking adventure

after watching this adorable flick with my dear mama bird, i decided that i, too, wanted to learn to cook... over the last year and a half i have been learning... on my own. it's sort of a trial by fire kind of thing (sometimes literally). oh man, it's not always easy... and sometimes i think i have lost my mind. but i'm trying. and i'm loving it.

so, i have decided to start a cooking portion on my blog. yep, i'm going to try and make my own recipes, put a twist on some of my favorites from other books and magazines, and share them with all of you! i'm also going to be posting about delicious dates that jason and i go on so that i can make my own versions of winning dishes!

so please visit my del-i-cious recipes while you're here and let me know what's truly delicious (or just looks the part)... or what's not!

disclaimer: in addition to learning how to cook, i'm also learning how to take food pictures. please don't decide based on the poor pictures i take!

song of the day: mes emmerdes
by: charles aznavour

it's from the movie. if you haven't seen it, put it on the tippy top of your to do list.