Tuesday, January 18, 2011

featured reader

in honor of making it through an entire year of blogging (although i didn't post nearly as much as i should have!) i have decided to feature a very zealous reader in my post today. he is a man very near and dear to my heart, though i didn't always feel that way... especially one time when he bit me and another time when he broke the glass window on my playhouse, oh, and don't forget that time he was sleep walking in the middle of the night and scared me.

this week's featured reader is none other than the older of my little brothers...


yep, if you haven't looked at my comments on my posts he is always such an encourager and helper with all of his kind, and never sarcastic words. i know, you wish you had a brother as cool as mine. have no fear because he is for sale! well, not exactly for sale, but for rent. i would hate to keep the rest of the planet from enjoying the humor and handsome looks of my dear brother, so i'm allowing for him to be rented out to others. go ahead, have him for yourself! i promise he'll be on his best behavior and won't bother your other children or your animals... actually he may bother your domestic household pets.

bub, here's your honorable mention. you are the best.

song of the day:
welcome to the family
by: little big town


Bubs said... Best Blogger Tips

hahahahaha i literally laughed OUT LOUD!!!

thank you for warning about the whole pets thing.. i don't play nicely with others but i sure give it the boy scout try!

TIffany said... Best Blogger Tips

Awww, we love Scooter too!!!! He is the BEST guitar teacher EVER!!!!