Wednesday, January 12, 2011

attitude of gratitude: day 2

pastor matt said to take on an attitude of gratitude... so i'm working on it! starting with my five things that i am thankful for today... (these ones are much more light hearted than yesterdays!)

1. vanilla soy lattes before class.
nope, i don't have class in the morning... i have it in the afternoon. but the coffee is so delicious and makes a three hour seminar seem so much shorter!

2. a part time quarter because they changed the requirements for my major.
who knew that i'd be thankful for the budget cuts? yep, the newest state budget is pressuring colleges to graduate students... and that helps me because i can take one less class this quarter. woo woo for an even easier three months!

3. new year's resolutions with my mama bird.
talk about accountability. she is so good at being disciplined and knowing we have the same resolutions makes me feel like i have a chance at pretending to be disciplined too.

4. the chance to have people listening to me.
writing this blog for the last year it has taken many different paths. but people continue to read and comment and be supportive. it means so very much to me and i don't know what i've done to be so privileged,  but i will continue to write with the goal to keep you reading.

5. my silly sorority sisters
these ladies are all so great. i go to meeting and they just encourage me like mad with all of their jokes and laughing. plus, we are all so different, yet we mesh so, so well. love the pbp.

song of the day: my kinda party
by: jason aldean

just a little honky tonk for you!


mama! said... Best Blogger Tips

i just love resolving with you...and today was a tear free read! i am thankful for that!

Bubs said... Best Blogger Tips

You are the blog master! I'm so impressed!

Two days straight! I look forward to tomorrow. Ok well that just going to curse it. I ook forward to the net post.. whenever it may be!

Love from SLO.

See you Friday

Bubs said... Best Blogger Tips

I have no idea how so many letters got left out!

That was like three typos. Perhaps why i'm not majoring in english.