Monday, January 24, 2011

true soul food

yep, i'm a cooking, food blogging, delicious delicacy delivering addict! this weekend i baked 5 dozen cookies and two dozen cupcakes (from scratch not from the box!) and i still just can't seem to get enough of it!

realizing my new found love for cooking and blogging i have spent lots of time trying to pin point why i am so into all of it. and today -yep, after a few weeks of thinking about it- i came up with my reason why!

i love to cook food, not just for my tummy but for my soul.

i realize that feeding people food that is delicious (and fits my college budget!) makes them so happy and, in turn, feeds my heart. i love to hear jason rave about what a great cook i am. i love to share my baking with my sorority sisters and have them all asking for the recipe. i love knowing that the treats and sweets that come out of my kitchen are a blessing to the tummies, bodies, and hearts of others. if only i could be paid lots of money to make delicious food for everyone else without having to stick to a menu!!

song of the day: banana pancakes
by: jack johnson

banana pancakes feed my sweet soul with pure joy and deliciousness!