Friday, January 14, 2011

thank you, you two!

themed thank you days seems like it'll make things more interesting (the week is almost over!) so today are duos that i'm thankful for, although i didn't play any sort of "matchmaker" in getting them together!

1. peanut butter and jelly
i know this is close to unbelievable, but i didn't have any pb&j until i was in college... just two short years ago as a matter of fact. as a child i would lie and tell people that i didn't like jelly just so i didn't have to try pb&j. yep, lying never pays off... especially since i love the combination so much!

2. country songs and cowboy boots
my love for country music is actually a love for everything country (minus horses). i just love the vintage country look... in fact, so much that's what my wedding is based on! carrie underwood, darius rucker, keith urban, tim mcgraw, taylor swift, dixie chicks, steel magnolia, oh how i could list for days and bore your mind out! and the only thing you can wear to a country concert (or my wedding!) cowboy boots!!

3. soy latte and a good read
i am a huge lover of books. there is something magical about loving all of the characters as close friends and movis just never get to me the same way that books do! and a warm coffee with a little soy makes it all the better. the only thing is a homemade quilt makes this combo more of a menage e trois... (highly inappropriate i know!)

4. bible stories and bed time
a good, quiet moment with the bible makes night time so much more serene. and for someone that wakes in the night like i do, it helps to have the last thing running through your mind be a bit of bible!

5. home sweet home and my family
the house is amazing, don't get me wrong, but it's not a home without the cozy, lovely madness that goes on inside of it with all of us there! with bubba and i away at school now it gets harder to have everyone there at once... but as soon as we are the house is rocking on its foundation!

song of the day: the house that built me
by: miranda lambert

no questions about why it was on the top of the charts for such a long time... it's amazing!