Tuesday, January 11, 2011

8 months from today...

so, today is january 11, 2011. a cool date, no doubt. but even cooler is the thought that i will be a wife eight months from today. yep, jason and i will be married. i will have made it from minegar to mrs. boom. it'll be our first day as a husband and wife (i mean our first whole 24 hour period since 9/10/11 is our date!). whoa, how did i get so lucky?

the pastor at our church put out a challenge this week. he told us that every morning we need to come up with five things that we are thankful for. well, it seems so simple, but i don't want to repeat any of my five things throughout the week... and i have a hard time deciding what my five will be each day. well, here are my five for the day:

1. the june gloom lifting from my dad's overcast for much too long mind!

the doctor says that he is doing amazing and the change is evident. we are making steps in the right direction. and he will be able to laugh and dance the night away in eight months like never before. glory to God for this one. only He could pull off the miracle He is working in my dear pops.

2. getting to spend the rest of my life with a man that makes me love harder than i ever thought possible, laugh longer than is physically healthy, and smile larger than my face can contain (sometimes it hurts!)

oh, my dear jason, how i love you.
and how lucky i am to deserve a life sentence with your beautiful, and so perfectly silly, soul.

3. a mama bird that is a best friend bird more than anything.

it's not an easy road she's walking, but with such grace and honesty, she's a hero. and amongst all the other blessings born from this tribulation, our relationship has truly bloomed into something just so phenomenal. something just perfect for her to help me in all the good and bad times of being a wife. (i know it's not always easy!)

4. two brothers that are larger than life (and so good looking, yep bub all for you!)

it doesn't matter what you're talking about these two will find a way to make you laugh. and it's a God given gift... although not always appreciated fully! personalities that are larger than life... and with such sweet little faces to keep them out of the trouble their mouths can get them into every once in a while.

5. a God who endures.

i know i don't endure. i walk when a run seems much too long and my shins start to hurt. i fall asleep during movies i really do want to see. i tire of planning out the rest of my life following graduation. thank goodness He is so full of strength, might, and energy... because i can hardly make it through the day even with the help of a strong cup of starbucks!

song of the day:

love like crazy. by: lee brice.

  • love's the only thing that has kept things going through all of these tough times. God's love, the love of family, friends' love supporting us... we are all so blessed.

  • and to my forever: yep, we're young, some say we're dumb. but we can love like crazy. and with that i have confidence we are going to make it big.



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YOu made me cry too! That was awesome thanks!!!