Saturday, April 2, 2011

Meet My Mama Bird

I have someone I want you to meet. She's so special to my little heart, so near and dear to every day in my life, so sweet, kind, and graceful, but strong with the heart of a lion. Who could be this phenomenal?

My dear Mama Bird. 

Over the last two and a half years my Mama Bird has fought, not only for herself, but for the love of her life, my Popsicle, and for the family that they have so perfectly created. She has fought against the indifference of a dozen doctors, the mystery diagnosis that seemed as though it would never come, and doubters who were sure her intuition was wrong.
Mama Bird isn't just an amazing woman of God with the grace of an angel but she also trumps the strength of a 20-foot bear. She doesn't just make wondrous dinner for all when the house is flooded with guests, but she also manages to teach us kids how to love being in the kitchen just like she does. Most Stay at Home Moms put up their list of "occupations" talking about being a teacher, a nurse, a mediator, an advocate, a financial analyst, an advisor, and the list goes on... Well right now, my mom is literally doing it all.
She is nursing my father back to health in a brutal fight against Lyme's Disease through daily infusions and constant maintenance of his PICC line. She is battling health insurance after their denial of my father's illness. She is advising me on my journey to become a wife. She mediates between a rambunctious, although adorable, eight year old and a slowly healing husband. She is managing the businesses her once thriving entrepreneurial husband started and ran. She is teaching us kids to grow, not only in our maturity, but in our faith in a great and always strong God. 
Mama Bird isn't just taking care of the logistics at home, but she tops it all off being more fun than any other mom could be, especially in the two-year long pickle we are currently experiencing. She not only keeps old traditions alive, but manages to make new ones on a regular basis. Her joy is contagious. I can't count the number of times people have said they don't know how she does it. She does it because God has blessed her with immense strength and power, despite her small frame. 

You can see the amazing words, recipes, and adventures of my Mama Bird just like you see mine by checking her out here. I promise you will be blessed... Probably much more than you will reading through my posts. 

Who blesses you, inspires you, amazes you?


Amber said... Best Blogger Tips

Your mama sounds amazing! She's so lucky to have such a sweet daughter like you, Amber!

Mrs.G said... Best Blogger Tips

You mom seems great!It is always nice to have such an amazing bond like that with your mom.

Jamie said... Best Blogger Tips

Awww your mama is so cute and sounds like a wonderful woman! Such a sweet post!

Megan said... Best Blogger Tips

This is a beautiful post you wrote about your mom. She sounds like an amazing woman!

chris aka mama bird said... Best Blogger Tips

oh ams...tears and giggles! just another day in the nest. you write it so much better than me. God is amazing and strong and a leader...i pray to follow even when i want to throw "temper tamper" instead. love you & you are such a strength and blessing in this "pickle"...i loved pickles until right...NOW!

loves by the bucket to you!
mama bird

gwynne said... Best Blogger Tips

Such a wonderful tribute to your amazing mama! She is the real deal that is for sure and a blessing to all who know her. May God continue to support you all as your Dad gets stronger each and every day surrounded by love, laughter and your mom's amazing grace.
You are pretty darn special as well. :)