Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fancy Friday... Stagecoach edition!

This weekend my Mama Bird and I are off to Stagecoach, a HUGE two day country concert extravaganza just over an hour from my hometown... I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am. So excited, in fact, I'm going to spend my entire Fancy Friday talking about the fanciness I feel for Stagecoach!

Hanging out with Mama Bird all day
(just wait for the ridiculous pictures!)
The amazing line-up
Sleeping in with no boys playing loud movies in the mornings. 
Giggling to sleep much too late at night. 
Riding matching John Deere beach cruisers with baskets. 
My cowboy boots. 
(rhinestone cowgirl anyone?) 
Driving Daddy's truck to ensure our cowgirl street cred. 
A cold beer on a hot spring day in the heat stricken area of Indio. 
Laying out by the pool. 

And we are off! 
See you all on Sunday with ridiculous stories and pictures I am sure!

(on a side note: I promise next week is going to be a better blogging week... 
I have lots of ideas and no time to put them out there for all of you!)