Friday, February 18, 2011

Why We Waited

True love waits. 

I remember seeing this three word phrase on bracelets and rings that many of my friends -male and female- throughout high school. But I never quite got it. True love waits? I feel it would be better said, "Wait for True Love". For love given to you and your spouse by Him. Not for love you deem is true.

What in the world am I talking about? (I know, vague, but you're interested!)

J and I have waited. We have remained pure and will do so for just 205 more days. Although most people just respond with NO WAY?!? Their second question is "Why wait?" While there are a variety of reasons and justifications, J and I have been very honest with one another and very diligent in our efforts to save ourselves for one another.

I grew up in a Christian home. I attended purity conferences in middle and high school, but I always left feeling guilty. I left thinking God would be mad at me for the litany of crushes I had, for the boys already kissed, for the dates I longed so desperately for in a school girl way. I beat myself up for forgetting that there was something better, greater, far exceeding the ridiculous high school boys. But, I remained pure.

I've said empty "I love you"s to too many. I've longed for more sweet dates than I can name. I've kissed more boys than I'd ever want to admit. But, J, he is the only man that will be my first. He is the only man that I will share all of my being with. For all the regrets I can name, I have one success that easily outshines them.

J didn't date much. In fact, he had one girlfriend before me. He didn't kiss many. He didn't grow up in a religious household. Actually, his "V Card" (as he called it the first time he nervously admitted he wasn't exactly the frat boy I originally thought) was still in tact for reasons he wasn't exactly sure of when we started dating. But after talking about my values and months of going to church together, J said he got it. He had always wanted to save himself for his wife, but he didn't know exactly why that was important to him.

God had protected him in not giving him many girlfriends, even when he wanted them. God kept his purity safe and sacred for me many years before J and I could have comprehended meeting one another.

We have waited the last 763 days because we want to be sure this extra-super-special gift we have is shared with the person God made us to complete. It hasn't been easy (have you seen how good-looking J is?!?) but we have done it with much determination and honesty with one another. Now the 205 days left seems like a mild homestretch. And God will bless us for our diligence and patience.

Song of the Day: 
Revolutionary Love 
By: David Crowder Band


Dana said... Best Blogger Tips

Your patience and strength to wait until you are married is admired Amber.

Terri said... Best Blogger Tips

Great job! My daughter (19 yrs old) stands firm in her belief that "true love waits". I found the note that she wrote years ago to "her future husband" just yesterday and cried! So proud of you and all the young girls that make the commitment to remain pure. You are a great role model!

caley-jade rosenberg said... Best Blogger Tips

This is an unbelievable post, and I admire your strength and spiritual following x

Tucker said... Best Blogger Tips

we waited too (:

So soooo happy I did.

And honestly, I don't know how anyone could not. Sex is just so insanely personal and intimate, that I couldn't imagine having done it with anyone BUT my true love and husband.

And I couldn't agree more that the saying should be ... Wait for TRUE love. The one God deems!