Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Food Philosophy: The Thought Behind my Kitchen Time

I love food. I love eating good food, making good food, and I love talking about making good food. So, I started this blog to create a forum where I can put out the favorite food I make for my fiance and myself AND to put out there my thoughts on food (and the blogs that come with them!).

One thing that can be difficult about eating out is the price. Yeah, five star food is delicious, but it can cost an arm (probably the one holding the fork!) to buy. I understand part of the price is the service and you’re not having to prepare the meal yourself (which sometimes I genuinely appreciate); however, I think good taste great taste can be achieved at a much lower cost. That said, my blog is dedicated to keeping costs low and taste high.

Another problem with great food can be the ridiculous amount of time required to get that five star taste. My time in the kitchen has shown me that you don’t have to spend the entire day preparing delicious plates to satisfy yourself (or your significant other). In fact, most of my meals are 30 minute meals. I get a little impatient when I have to wait longer than that!

Finally, I want the kitchen to be a place where you put your heart and love into your dishes. My mama always taught me that dinner was never delicious without a little love sprinkled on it. In face, she went far enough to buy a fake spice shaker that said love on the side of it… Kind of like this one:

Isn’t it precious? I thought so too! Just keep it fun and light in the kitchen… Then you won’t dread cooking. Plus, if you screw it up and things don’t taste good, laugh and then order something in! Or treat yourself to eating out therapy at your favorite restaurant!