Friday, February 11, 2011

All You Need is {Love}

So with all the blog trolling that I have done lately I found this sweet little challenge that is so perfect for Valentine's day! It's the All You Need is {Love} Challenge and it's seven days of sharing the love! I'm a little late in starting... But I really like today's so I'm going to just butt in late!

Check the challenge out here
Lovely Topic of the Day: 
What I love about my {Friends}

My friends are just one of a kind... 
I couldn't have made it through the trials and tribulations of the last two years 
without their smily faces and sweet spirits. 
(I'm leaving out my Best Friend today... since I spend so much time talking about him anyways!)

And the funny thing is my friends are my sisters... Yep, I'm in a sorority (surprise!) and I can't put into words the way these women have enriched, not only college, but my life. (Three of my bridesmaids are fellow Pi Phis!) 

Costume parties are big picture taking opportunities... So we don't always look like this!

My pledge class on Bid Day... One of our favorite days of the year! 

Inspired by a picture on one of the flair filled walls of Bucca de Bepo. 

Since we don't have a chapter house, we meet in the parking lot to get loaded on buses... and to take pictures! 

Then, outside of the sorority I have lots of random friends... But the one that's been around, well for my whole life actually, is my dear Mama Bird. Check her out, she's a hot mama! 
(Yep, I did just say that on my blog about you mom!) 

I can't begin to tell you all of the things my mom and I LOVE to do together... 
but to name a few: 
1. Run races together in ridiculously coordinated outfits (Duh! That's obvious from the picture!)
2. Bask in the wondrous sounds of country music! 
3. Cook and bake. 
4. Hang out with our dear boys who are so special to our overflowing hearts!

Song of the day: You've got a Friend in Me! 
By: Randy Newman (Disney) 

Not only do I love this song... But as you can see above, Jason and I were 
Woody and Jessy for Halloween which was a huge hit at my 
parent's big family Halloween party and the Pi Phi Halloween date party too!