Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lucky Number Seven

Today is a HUGE day in my life... For so many reasons: 
  1. Jason's step-brother returns from his mission in Brazil... He's been gone for two years and he hardly knows me because Jason and I were barely dating before he left so it's like meeting a whole new family member!
  2. Today is my Gramcracker's birthday. Oh how her sweet self is missed today, but I know she's having a giant whoopie pie in heaven to celebrate (since that's what I'm baking this lovely morning!) 
  3. Verizon's iPhone comes out today. Now, I already have an iPhone with AT&T, but I'm so very excited to switch back to Verizon and have stellar service when my plan is up. (The trick is getting Jason to join me!) 
  4. Finally, but probably the single thing I'm most excited about today: seven, short months from today I will be my Best Friend's wife. Whoa, I just get the chills thinking about it and writing it feels like heaven. I'm going to marry my Best Friend in seven months. (I just can't get enough of it!) 
I hope there is something exciting about today for you... If not, make something up. Maybe celebrate today by making Whoopie Pies and we'll all pretend it's Whoopie Pie Day!

Song of the day: Marry Me
By: Train

Oh man, hearing this sweet song just makes my heart jump and my eyes tear up thinking about what is to come in the next months. And the lyric, "You wear white and I'll wear out the words I love you and you're beautiful".