Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First Feature... EVER!

So I have the pleasure of sharing a new foodie friend of mine who I talked about in my last Eggs in Purgatory post! She invented the Summer in the Kitchen Blog Party... where you can escape the coldness of winter (unless you live in San Diego like me! and are more concerned with escaping the heat!) by creating a sweet little summber vibe in your kitchen!

I made dinner for J and wanted to make it a little bit fun and romantic by plopping ourselves on a picnic blanket on the floor! He thought I was silly, but was such a sport... and BOOM! Lovely little picnic with lots of laughing at me spilling my Eggs in Purgatory all over myself... Not so practiced in eating without a plate or table. But sweetly fun nonetheless!

Please check out my new friend, Laurie, on her blog and enjoy the other ways foodies brought summer into their kitchens!