Thursday, February 24, 2011

Daily Confessions: You ARE Going to Know Me

Lately I have been surfing through all of the amazing blogs of friends I have made on Twitter... Oh my I am so inspired. But sometimes I wish I could know them more. I want to know about their random eccentricities, about their struggles, about what makes them smile... Turning this introspective, I looked at my blog and realized you know I'm (getting) married, I love God with as much of me as possible, and kitchen time is major in my life. But what about all my little quirks... There are so many! 

So, the Daily Confessions series of posts begins. Every day from now until I have nothing more to share about me (impossible!) I will post once a day sharing something random about myself! Please comment and share about you too... Amazing people look at my blog, I want to know just how amazing you are! 

Daily Confession: On my 14th birthday my dad woke me up bright and early at 7:30 am and said I had come into my own. That meant, I was legally old enough to drive... 

A Tractor.
He taught me to drive an old 1950s John Deere that morning and, boy, what a magical moment it was! I got to be a part of the man world and to this day my dad just glows when I drive that puppy around the neighborhood (or in the city's 4th of July Parade!). 


chris said... Best Blogger Tips

maybe you could drive up on it on 9/10/11...he might think YOUR tractor is sexy! at least dad would-jason might not have the appreciation for it that popcicle does.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Haha! Too cute.

Love this idea. I wish I had the time to blog more about my everyday life! Thanks for sharing :)

this free bird said... Best Blogger Tips

this is kind of brilliant. i grew up on a farm in canada, but my dad only taught me to drive our family suburban. and yes i did my driver's exam in it and passed that mother w/flying colors. imagine an 85lb 16yr old behind the wheel of a huge truck/van thing. the tester kept telling me i could drive his car - i was all, fool i'm drivin' this! and i whipped that test! yahoo!

any pics of you behind the wheel??