Thursday, October 21, 2010

i was thinking about taking a sabbatical, but just can't stay away

although i'm not posting as often as i would like to, i realize that once in a while is better than never. i am just so swamped with all of the craziness of my senior year of college... i thought that it was crazy in high school, forget that college makes it look like nothing. figure out my life plans, find a job, finish the most intense courses i have taken yet, and boy oh boy am i overwhelmed.

i'm hoping you guys miss me as much as i miss you all.... despite the fact that i may not know some of you.

although christmas is my favorite holiday of all time, i am so excited for the fun times of halloween. it's not because it's a pagan ritual... but
because i love love love costumes!

this year the costume is going to be precious and it's homemade (like all of them!), but here are some from previous halloween festivities (and other sorority fiestas!)

mr. and mrs. clause

juno and her jogger, bleaker (questionable hair on jason)
no, i am not pregnant, nor was i, just a really good stuffed belly made of t-shirts. boom.

pilgrims for a pre-thanksgiving break party
please note the homemade buckles that were key to our pilgrim get ups.

sandy from grease (at the end of the movie)
i had a danny... but he wasn't nearly as into it as me...

possibly my favorite costumes to date, thing 1 and thing 2
that blue hair... is ALL mine! talk about a good tease.

[maybe it's this love that makes me a successful sorority girl! and my fancy for sewing and doing all things over the top]

i promise this year's costume promises to be delightful... and i think a new favorite for all!

song of the day:
monster mash
by: bobbie "boris" pickett
it wouldn't be halloween without a little monster mash!


Tiffany said... Best Blogger Tips

You are adorable!! And I can't WAIT to see you Saturday and your costume too!!!

Lauren said... Best Blogger Tips

Cute costumes! And darling blog. This sounds so weird to say because you are a full-on adult, but I can't believe how grown up you are! And of course, beautiful. Happy Halloween-- can't wait to see this year's costume!