Thursday, October 28, 2010

yuck, yuck, and more yuck

i am quite possibly the world's cleanest person. i clean like it's going out of style and i know that sometimes it drives poor jason nuts when i'm busy cleaning and he just wants to watch a movie. however, a tragedy has come over my clean little apartment.


yep, there is a hole in the roof of my bathroom and they crawl in the fan and wah-lah! i have a new roommate. it is repulsive, disgusting, absolutely freaky. and, did you know they have wings? oh, you bet they do... and i don't think they use the wings to keep themselves cool during hot weather.

poor jason has been playing exterminator and killing the few that i have seen. but i don't know how much longer it'll be before i find one on my own time... and the screech that will follow as soon as i find my first one will be the screech heard around the world. (i'm getting the creepy crawlies just writing about it right now)

and i guess killing them with bug spray isn't really an option because they're crazy little buggers... no wonder people say that cockroaches could survive a nuclear bomb. yuck. i guess they can't survive being stepped on by a boot... however, i hope to never know that for sure.

please pray for my safety... and sanity... because i'm thinking i could be abducted by a bunch of critters and be never seen again.

song of the day:
don't panic
by: coldplay

as much as this song is soothing and wonderful... i can just hear little bug legs creepy-crawling in the background.


Gwynne said... Best Blogger Tips

My sweet little Amber!When I was newly married, I too was introduced to those nasty creatures! I still don't think I have recovered from the trauma of those days, not fun! You have my sympathy and are in my prayers. No matter what anyone says, they are just plain yucky. We can talk to God about them together one day in Heaven!! Stay strong ~ Love you,Aunt Gwynno

Dana said... Best Blogger Tips

You poor thing! Yucky! I recently had to go on an inspection of an apartment unit in LA where the rooms were covered from floor to ceiling in cockroach poop!! I thought it was mold ... nope!! Make your landlord take care of you!! :)

littleyellowkitchen said... Best Blogger Tips

oh boy amber, i have quite a story for you regarding mission impossible: cockroach. It landed on my head...story for another day.