Tuesday, October 26, 2010

speak now or forever hold your peace

for those of you not madly in love with the world of country music like me... taylor swift's new cd came out yesterday. oh, it's amazing. if you haven't listened to any of her music yet, her brand spanking new speak now cd is a great place to start (even though it's her latest one).

this cd is for the girls that were picked on from a young age, young loves that have broken not only your heart but your trust, wounds from mean, brutal words. yes, she's amazing, i know.

when i sing along (yep, i'm so obsessed i know a lot of the words already) i feel like i'm being freed from all of the things that can make life so hard. how does she make it so cute, but still so real? what a talented young lady (i can say that she's younger than me!).

please enjoy every moment of her songs like i did. :)

songs of the day:

long live
by none other than, taylor swift

really if should be every little lyric on the speak now cd.
oh taylor, how do you do it?


chris said... Best Blogger Tips

i saw it at starbucks yesterday and wondered if you had it!

Dana said... Best Blogger Tips

I was singing to that song at the top of my lungs on the drive home tonight! Hahaha. Love Taylor too!! :)