Wednesday, September 8, 2010

sincerest of apologies

dear all who read synchronicite,

here is my official apology for being absent for so long. i am sooooo incredibly sorry for being a slacker. i just returned from the vacation in idaho and have been enjoying my time away from responsibility way too much!

please, pretty please accept my lack of motivation and forgive me for being a slacker. i promise to make it up to you!


p.s. take this little video as a token of my appreciation for your commitment to reading my blog. it will not disappoint! (and if you’re anything like my family you will be repeating the lines all the time)

p.p.s. this is apology is also my official statement that i am going to try to blog twice a week rather than just once. i am going to challenge myself to realize that even the mundane can be influential!

song of the day:

by: luke bryan

hopefully it's not too late for me to apologize... but, once again, i am sorry!


chris said... Best Blogger Tips

dear marcell...i just LOVE you and your doggie. and i love amber even more!