Friday, September 17, 2010

bubba, we miss you!

big changes in the minegar house this past week… my little brother is off to college and my parents are left with another empty bedroom (at least for most of the time!). what an exciting time for him... but a sad time with him being further from home than ever before. (yep, he’s a brave soul that ventured further out into the world than i ever dreamed of doing at his age!)

with move-in upon my parents and bubba, i had the honor of spending two days being adventurous with my adventurous seven-year-old brother, miah. he is just such a sweet boy with quite the personality and sense of humor.

we went fishing at the local lake… and though we did not catch anything but some weeds growing on the bottom of the water, we had so much fun being attacked by ants, finding a good fishing spot that was shaded, and going through jason’s collection of bait in his tackle box.

and, on top of all that, my favorite (all be it new and not the original) rainbows joined for the adventure!

song of the day:
by: little big town

"you get a line, i'll get a pole, we'll go fishing in the crawfish hole down in the boondocks"


chris said... Best Blogger Tips

you are the BEST! and jeremiah knows it. thanks God for Miah and his amazing big brother and sister. he has learned so much about love from them. i wish you were home this weekend! the home is so quiet without you-bubs-jason...all the flurry!i hate when my nest is so close to empty...mama