Tuesday, July 20, 2010

i will be grateful for this day.

creating is one of my favorite things to do. i love to paint and see everything hanging on walls (whether they are mine or walls of people i love most!) today i was looking through some of the art on etsy and this caught my eye.

i will be grateful for this day (in a storm). sometimes we need something to remind us that we have things to be grateful for... this does just that but in a sweet understated way. it's a homeowner's WWJD? bracelet! so wonderful!

so on this day, i am grateful for...

1. my amazing, loving, dynamic family
2. my best friend, mama bird
3. my strong man, j
4. my proximity to home, but my life as an "adult" (debatable if adult is the right word)
5. my bright future
6. my faith in an unshakable God
of course, the last of these is the greatest, but most importantly,

i am grateful.

song of the day:
how great is our God
by: chris tomlin.

boom it's simple.


chris said... Best Blogger Tips

dear missy mcmissy...so i am to be sleeping but with the boys away from the nest this mama bird is unsettled. i hope the time of my posts shows up as you will know this just isn't my time!i looked into my crystal ball about 20 years ago and knew I have another precious daughter to be your best buddy and pal thru thick and thin. but when my quiver was full...the score was 1-3. thank you Lord for my precious daughter. she is, as goldilocks would say, "just right". but better than a daughter, she is a friend...one that knows me-understands me-loves me in spite of "all that"! sharing heart and soul...thru thick and thin.thanks baby bird and i love you...mamap.s. i typed this twice and somehow deleted it...i am so not computer smart but will press on.p.s.s. loveing the new background and layout!!! pink mc stink!p.s.s.s. could you paint i am grateful for this day...when we move...whenever that is? if ever that is?

Scooter said... Best Blogger Tips

My Dearest Sister-Great blog friend!! There is one glaring typo though..I usually spell my name "Scooter" not "Jason". I love you even though your typing was a bit off.Love the strong man of your life,Scooter