Thursday, July 29, 2010

bye bye to a good friend

i had a dear friend ripped from my life recently. it was a heart wrenching experience. i’m sure you will all commiserate and come to have a greater respect for dear friends at the close of this post.

my family and i took a trip to the water park and the day was fantastic… until my favorite-lovely-from my mama bird-just starting to form to my feet rainbow sandals were viciously stolen from their place hidden under my boyfriends water ski-sized flip flops. Someone was on the hunt for my sweet sandals and i was left high and dry (and burning my feet on the hot palm springs concrete!). this is such a sad day.

to add to the sadness, i purchased another pair of sandals to make up for the lost pair in the gift shop on my way out just to ensure my survival over the molten asphalt parking lot. it’s a lie, kids, new friends are not silver, they are cheap, plastic, uncomfortable, too big, twenty dollar flippy floppies that i loathe! what a travesty. and my golden girls, the sweet rainbows, are now being squished, sweated upon, molded by some thief’s nasty, toe-jam infested feet. poor babies.

rip amber’s sweet sandals

a new pair is on the way, but there will always be a place in my heart for my fallen friends. and, if you see a suspicious girl size 6 running around in tan sandals like the ones pictured above, tackle her, rip the shoes from her feet, and email me. i will meet you personally and there is a great reward for my dear rainbows.
song of the day:
i’ll pray for you
by: jaron & the long road to love

i pray her feet rot off. i pray her toe nails become ingrown. i pray no one compliments her because her feet look fat. i pray she gets mad blisters. but, wherever you are, i pray for you.

DISCLAIMER: i know as you read this you are thinking, "gee, this girl is a cuckoo!"... well just put yourself in my sandals and realize that... oh, wait, my sandals are missing and someone else is already in them...


chris said... Best Blogger Tips

you are rid-rid-ridiculous (picture yourself stolmping around the house in your boots-shorts-pi phi tank)being SOOOO MADDD at the forementioned thief. and this ridiculousness is why i so love you...a piece of the amber that i hold dear and love to laugh with. i am surprised you didn't link the "i'll pray for you" song that scoot shared!