Tuesday, March 2, 2010

goosebumps, goosepimples, whatever you want to call them.

woo hoo! it’s been less than a week and i am back to post once again. the last time that i posted i listed four ways that i have grown exponentially lately and i planned on taking a couple of posts to discuss these things… but then i realized i am just growing as a woman of faith and i would be doing God a major disservice trying to flesh out His work in me in a few facets of my life.

i remember in high school (and even into college) going to the church i grew up attending with my parents and watching some of the girls that i grew up with still be so involved and so Christian. boy, did that make me question the route i took. it was great to see them all looking so happy, getting married really young, and so very happy. some days i wondered if i just misunderstood the message by going to college and maybe God did just want me to stay at home and work until i met the man that was going to provide for me and my 48 children. but i was knee deep in my schooling at UC San Diego at this point and there was no turning back… plus i always liked school.

well, who knew that living out of the house and receiving a top of the line education at a public research university would teach me more than all of the girls getting married early young at home combined? not me. but today, i realize that i believe in the birth, death, and life of Jesus Christ because there is evidence biblically, historically, archeologically that He lived and breathed and performed all that the Bible says of Him. now, so far from what my church peers are doing, i feel more educated in my faith than i would ever have experienced living at home, getting married young. God’s path for me was different than my friends. He needed me to learn about Him in a way that varies so much from the way that they are learning. but what’s important is He got to me.

much like He got to Paul and to Jeremiah and to Malachi and to Jesus. God got to us. He wouldn’t let go and He crept under our skin and gave us the chills just to show us He exists.

just like it was written in 1 John 5:20:
"And we know that the Son of God has come, and has given us understanding, in order that we might know Him who is true, and we are in Him who is true, in His Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God and eternal life."

not only do we know that Christ came and lived and died and rose again, but we have the gift of the Holy Spirit to dwell within us... to get under our skin and stay there. to give us chills on the days that we think we finally have it all figured out.

my challenge (mostly to myself, but if you spend moments reading this then to you too!) is to find the things that give me the chills. when i read a wikipedia article about the intricacies of the human body or technology, boy does that give me the chills. or when i think about the perfect timing of the things in my life, wow brrrrr. let Him get under your skin and give you a nice case of goosebumps. they are momentary and harmless, but the effect on your heart isn't.

song of the day:
getting into you - relient k

relient k: "do you know what you are getting yourself into?"
me: well of course not. but who doesn't love an adventure!
relient k: "i'm getting into You because you got to me in a way i can't describe"
me: i want that. i need that. can He get into me?

i know, it's simple. i must get into Him. show Him i want Him. then He can come in and invade my heart and give me goosebumps.


chris said... Best Blogger Tips

you are too precious for my words...but as always God has found a mouth or should i say fingertips to speak from-yours! you inspire me to be a better mom-wife-Christian and as always to dig deeper into His word and allow His work to be done in my heart and thru my words and actions in hope of others seeing Him in me.