Tuesday, June 21, 2011

No answers yet... But more tests!

I finally heard from the doctors today after my
battery of blood tests and my stool test and my ultrasound...

(isn't this a sneaky ad campaign for United Colors of Benetton?)

My blood came back normal.
My allergies came back clear.
The bacteria they were afraid of is not present.
But there are nodules on my thyroid.

Yep, they are nervous about what the little lumps in my neck mean.
So, I'm preparing for a radioactive uptake scan.
They'll inject me with radioactive fluid, then watch.
I may have to write a post about all the bizarre tests I have had run on me.
It's sort of a comedic tragedy in fact.

I have run a couple of times this week.
Thank my very good God for that chance... My poor legs are restless!
But I'm not all here still.
And even with the changes in my diet I'm just not right in my tummy.
Now my sleeping is starting to get weird too.

I'm moved (sort of)... You know how that goes right?
It's a disaster before anything resembles any sort of organization...
My disaster looks like a nuclear bomb has exploded.

I'm begging J to move closer to me as soon as possible.
He says July. Oh cross your little fingers for me please!
He leaves for Germany tomorrow.
That may mean I'll be a little better at communicating here in hopes he'll read it!


Amber said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm praying for you sweet friend! xoxo

Joanna said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm praying hard for you and sending you good test vibes! I hope everything come out ok. I pray that the Lord gives the doctors the knowledge they need to answer your worries.

Alysa said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey girl, just checking up on you. I hope everything is ok!!