Friday, June 17, 2011

Where I am today... Or going to be tomorrow!

How does time escape me so? 
I can't believe that I've fallen behind so horribly in my blogging... 
But I promise this isn't the only part of my life that's being neglected with me not feeling so well. 

I know that life has got to be crazy for all of you too!
Please update me... Fill me in, what's going on with all of you? 
Other than not feeling well and working I know loves is happening here... 

I'm moving. 
Yep, no more sweet little studio in San Diego... 
I'm headed home to save some money and 
enjoy this last bit of time before the wedding with my family.
This also means not as much cooking because I'm enjoying Mama Bird's. 
I promise the cooking part will return! 

The doctors have no answers yet. 
I had an ultrasound on a lump in my neck. 
They're checking out the state of my thyroid. 
They are running about a dozen blood tests. 
And I had to complete a stool test.
(TMI.. yes... but it's important I survived)

Less than three months until the wedding.
Invites are out. RSVPs are starting to come in.
We have lots of friends and family that are coming to join us in our big day!
Now it's time to start celebrating with my bridesmaids and with bridal showers.

Life is definitely changing... But it's going somewhere great! 
I will be all settled after the move by Sunday and then I'm going to make sure this 
simply sweet space grows like it used to... 
Please bare with me! 


Zoe said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Amber. Wow, you definitely have a full plate right now. I hope the doctors find out what the problem is soon so you can focus on getting better :) Best of luck with your move!

Sara said... Best Blogger Tips

I enjoy reading your blog so much! You are in my prayers!

caley-jade rosenberg said... Best Blogger Tips

Sending thoughts and prayers your way each and every day sweet girl. The move sounds like a great idea - I hope it goes well and I'm sure some TLC from Mama Bid is EXACTLY what you need...

Enjoy the start of wedding celebrations - they are the BEST`!!!!!